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Kunming Shengshi Qianhe Hotel has 284 luxurious business rooms with different styles. The elegance contains a touch of extravagance. The elegant and distinguished preparation of various first-class multi-functional offices is the best choice for holding business meetings, corporate annual meetings and celebrations; elegant tea art The book and the book will perfectly combine art and knowledge.
Wuhe Food City is a high-end catering club that can accommodate 2,000 people at the same time. With diversified, multi-space, multi-disciplinary professional catering services and ecological materials from the original ecological breeding base, we can jointly provide guests with health, greenness and privacy. Enjoy with exclusive respected cuisine.
Kunming Shengshi Qianhe Hotel uses the concept of 'green, healthy, environmental protection' and 'professional and thoughtful, scientific and technological life, green environmental protection, healthy health' to bring guests a distinguished and distinguished experience, which is business negotiation, conference reception, leisure and entertainment, and health The ideal place for health-quality life, taste life!
Harmony, where I go!
Shengshi Tonghe was founded in 1991. Tonghe people adhere to the ideal of 'hundred-year-old shop', follow the roots of 'harmony' in Chinese civilization, adhere to the 'green and healthy' 'hehe' development road, and sincerely The letter, based on mellowness, is based on virtue. Now it has Kunming Shengshi Qianhe Hotel, Qu Jingsheng Shihehe Hotel, Xuanwei Renhe Hotel, and Xuanwei Food Banquet Plaza.